Christine Wallner received her BFA from Alfred University, she majored in ceramics and studied under Tony Hepburn, minoring in painting and art history. Following graduation she moved to Boston where she worked in the printmaking department at the Museum School of Fine Arts. A popular design trend, faux finishing, became the rage in Europe and was catching on in America. She began practicing these techniques on furniture and selling her wares in boutiques.

Chris moved to Minneapolis, a progressive city of entertainment, art and architecture. Here she was exposed to an exciting lifestyle and culture of an artist, working for corporations by creating material wall finishes in their skyscrapers.

She moved to Berkeley as an accomplished wall designer. Yet her main focus had begun to lead her in a new direction. In an environment in which an open exchange of ideas and innovation existed, combined with her background in ceramics and wall finishes, she started a long process leading to the development of four patents.

She currently holds four patents on a non-hydraulic geo-polymer environmental cement product named Verite®. The material is stone/ceramic like, uses two recycled materials in
it's composition, conserves water, uses micro-aggregates, increases in strength and decreases in weight over time.

Today, Chris owns and operates Stonelace Designs established in 2006. Her company was part of the grassroots movement that occurred in the Bay Area involving green businesses and practices. Her commitment and passion for the environmental materials continues.

Most importantly Chris is a material designer. She styles by
juxtaposing unlikely combinations of textures and material products. By using an intuitive approach, Chris fullfills her clients needs. The clients now have a new appreciation for the walls that surround them.