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Stonelace Designs honors sustainability with our eco-friendly wall surfaces.

The following gallery is just a handful of what we offer. All materials can be designed with custom colors and can be applied directly to wall or installed as pre-conceived panels.

Fiber PLasters

These fiber finishes are cellulose based and can have additions of mica, metallic threads, or sparkles. The texture of this plant based finish is varied and delightful.


ECO PLasters

These clay plaster finishes are breathable and create negative ions in a home environment. For this reason, they make excellent walls for the environmentally sensitive soul.


River Rock Finish

These lightly textured finishes can be brightly colored or reminiscent of true rock. You decide. They contain sand, ecobinder, and mica.


Recycled glass, sand, + quartz PLasters

These wall finishes are all made from recycled and natural materials. They have a  grainy texture that lends a unique depth to the wall.



Original patented eco-friendly wall finish, ultra-light, ultra-malleable. This finish can be cast in a number of dimensional textures.